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A Lawyer for the Modern Age

Experienced Southwestern Pennsylvania Attorney Terry Savina graduated from Penn State with a degree in Computer Science before he went to Duquesne University to earn his law degree. As an information professional and attorney, he brings unique skills and perspectives to every area of his practice. Because of his unusual combination of education and experience, Attorney Savina can see the interaction of modern technology with practice.

Admitted to both the Bar of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the Western District of Pennsylvania of the Third Circuit (Federal Court), Pennsylvania Attorney Savina has a broad wealth of knowledge and experience in several kinds of legal issues. Practicing since 2008, he has successfully taken on a variety of cases and is eager to take on more, fighting for the best results in all his clients' cases.

Areas of Practice

Attorney Savina has concentrated on serving the people of Beaver County, successfully assisting with many kinds of civil cases. He has helped people with family law cases including divorce and child custody and support, among other issues. He has also worked with people to make sure they have necessary wills, living wills and Powers of Attorney.

Beaver County Attorney Savina has also assisted clients with probate and estate issues. While many of his cases are family law issues, he can also help clients with issues as diverse as Public Utility Complaints, special education issues, and driver's license problems. Attorney Savina is an attorney who is willing and able to learn the complexities of specific laws in order to assist people who are having problems.

Southwestern Pennsylvania Attorney Savina has achieved many good results in his almost decade of practice, and is eager to take on more challenges. He sees that there are many people in the area he could help, and he is willing to go out of his way to help people who really need it. If you are in need of legal assistance in the area of Beaver County, Lawrence County or Washington County in the state of Pennsylvania, call Attorney Savina for a free consultation today.