Estate Planning & Probate in Aliquippa, PA & Southwest Pennsylvania

Estate Planning & Probate in Aliquippa, PA & Southwest Pennsylvania

Estate planning is something people like to overlook. It is easy to not think about your end-of-life plan, yet how can you protect those you love when you are gone? How can you ensure that your wishes are kept when you face a medical crisis? No one knows what the future will hold, but you can be prepared for whatever it is with a functional estate plan. Attorney Terry Savina offers estate planning services in Aliquippa and the rest of Southwest Pennsylvania. He helps his clients think through these issues so they can protect themselves and their families. If you have been looking for an Aliquippa estate and probate lawyer, Attorney Savina is ready to help.

Set up an Estate Plan to Protect against Probate

Probate is the court process used to determine how a will is interpreted and how assets are distributed. It can be long and costly for those beneficiaries waiting to close out an estate. A proper will or trust can help protect against costs and delays in the probate courts. Working with an estate and probate lawyer in Aliquippa can help you ensure that your estate plan is probate-proof.

In addition to wills and trusts, an estate and probate lawyer can help Aliquippa individuals protect their best interests and desires at the end of life. Power of attorney documents are critical to this. Power of attorney documents name those who will be in charge of your finances and medical decision making when you reach a point that you no longer can handle these tasks. If you don't put these protections in place, your desires for care and finances may not be protected when you are injured, sick or otherwise incapacitated. Attorney Savina will help you know which of these documents you need and how you can set them up legally.

You've worked hard through your life to build your estate. Don't leave it at the mercy of the courts. With a will, power of attorney documents and other estate and probate protections in place, you can protect yourself and your beneficiaries. Schedule an appointment to talk to Aliquippa estate and probate lawyer Terry Savina about your estate plan today.